Sunshine, the sea, acai bowls on every corner, and the cutest town radiating only positive vibes. Byron Bay is this, and so, so much more. For our long weekend, we felt the only way to really immerse ourselves in everything that this beach community was about, was to stay in a “glamper” van and spend the long weekend relaxing on quiet beaches.

We found the glamper on Airbnb, and immediately fell in love. It was parked in the very back of someone’s property, only a five minute walk from the beach and downtown Byron. The owner had redone the inside to be super 70’s. And really, how could you not with an old fashioned camper? 

The main area of town was right off the beach, and had the sweetest restaurants; everything from fish and chips, to smoothies, and the stores were filled with hippie inspired beach clothes. It was the perfect place for us. The girls and I spent the weekend walking stretches of beautiful beaches, finding isolated spots between palm trees to lay in the sun, shopping, drinking good coffee and eating fresh food. 

Cape Byron Lighthouse sits at the end of all the beaches. It happens to be the most Easterly point of Australia and makes for the most incredible sunrise spot, the exact spot the sun first shines over all of Australia. The 5 am wake up call was worth it. We walked from our glamper through the quiet streets at dawn, past the beaches, and out to the Cape Byron. Right before the lighthouse, a wooden fence with a “no trespassing” sign stood between us and a cliff overlooking miles of ocean; the perfect spot to watch the sun rise. We hopped the fence, walked down the hill to the cliff, and sat, patiently waiting for first light. It was unbelievable. We watched dolphins swim below us as the first light shone over Australia, and even saw our first kangaroo. I remember sitting there in that moment thinking, “this morning will be something I remember for the rest of my life.”