Twelve best friends, three camper vans and the Great Ocean Road. A young travelers dream. 

To start this off, you have to understand the dynamic of this group. Twelve people, full of the desire to travel, the need to be laughing constantly, the love for loud music and an open road. Nothing could satisfy us more than a long weekend exploring the Great Ocean Road of Australia together. So we set off, in our three brightly painted (with some profanity) Wicked Campers, one after another, to see what else Australia had to offer.

The first day we found secret waterfalls, spotted Koalas sleeping in Eucalyptus trees, drove windy roads at sunset and found a perfect spot for the three campers to spend our first night of camping together. Somehow we fit the 12 of us in a 4 person tent, sharing stories and laughs over snacks we counted as dinner. Although no one spoke of it, there was a feeling of gratefulness that we had only known each other for a few months, but had built this incredible friendship and appreciation. 

The following day the girls were up at sunrise banging on the other tents to wake up. (You wouldn’t believe it, but boys take a lot longer to get going.) We continued our drive, stopping almost every other kilometer at a new beach or sight. Along the way, we found “The Grotto” and climbed out along rocks together to admire this cave filled with crystal clear water. We stopped at Loch Ard Gorge and stood looking out at the cliffs narrowing out to the sea. And finally, the 12 Apostles, the most famous spot along the Great Ocean Road. We had all only seen this in photos, and were stunned at these enormous limestone stacks jutting out of turquoise waters. 

That night, we drove off the Great Ocean Road towards Grampians National Park to tell ghost stories, much to my dismay, around a campfire. 

Our final day, we hiked through Grampians National Park to The Balconies, each taking turns sitting on a ledge jutting out of the mountainside. Sitting here, you realized how small you were compared to the universe.