My favorite city in the whole world. So much so, that it physically hurts my heart to think about how I am not able to be there all the time. I love other cities too. I think New York is a city of passion, Istanbul is full of culture, Helsinki full of design, but something about Sydney is magical.

Spending six months here, learning the intricacies of the city, sitting in front of the Opera house for hours, trying new brunch spots, etc., was the best choice I’ve ever made. When I try to think of why I love this city, so many things flood into my mind. Maybe it’s something about the way the Opera House sails look against the sky at different times of day, or the way you can walk through beach front neighborhoods, to streets of brick buildings, boutiques and cafes, to downtown. But maybe it’s just the feeling of being so at home and welcomed into this place. 

Although I lived in Kensington and went to school at the University of New South Wales, I explored all the different areas of Sydney, from Bondi to Kirribilli. I found places that became regular spots for me, beaches that made my heart sing just to spend the day laying in the sun, and spots that will forever remind me of certain people in my life and moments spent with them. From brunch at Speedos Cafe in Bondi to walks across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney brought sunshine, laughter and too much good food into my life. My parents had actually lived in Sydney for 20 years before I was born, and I have heard countless tales of their life there. It was amazing to be creating my own stories in this part of the world.